Side-by-Side Homes

Same For Less

Buying a new home may not always be an option for everyone but purchasing a new build side-by-side will get you into a new home and a new community without the worry of needing to do repairs or renovations.

Side-by-sides give you just as many options as a single-family detached home. You get all the same finishes, enough square footage for 3 bedrooms and 2.5 bathrooms and the luxury of having a laundry room, ensuite, garage/driveway, backyard and even the possibility for a deck. All of this comes for a more affordable price compared to a single-family detached home, anywhere from $100,000 less, meaning it can fit in a lot more of people’s budgets.

Purchasing a side-by-side as a first home, down-sizing home, or for investing is a fantastic way to be in any desired community we build in so that you can enjoy the amenities and lifestyles of each one.

Tour our current side-by-side show homes at 353 Crestment Drive in Bonavista and 92 Cornerstone Heights in Meadowlands.

  • Allan Hayes


    Meadowlands, Side-by-Sides

    Qualico Realty Services (Manitoba) LTD.


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