6 Moving Day Tips

Deciding to make the move into a new home is exciting but it can also be stressful and overwhelming. Winnipeg Real Estate News has put together a checklist of tips that can help make your moving experience seamless. Here are the top 6 that we recommend to make your moving day a positive experience:

1. Pack as early as possible

It’s easy to procrastinate packing especially if there are still a few weeks before your move. Start by packing up things that are the least essential, this way items can slowly get moved into boxes.

You’ll be more organized closer to your move date and packing won’t be so stressful. This might also be a great opportunity to donate, purge or sell items that are no longer useful to you. Consider creating a list of everything you need to pack each week to ensure you’re on the right track for time.

2. Label all boxes 

Labeling all boxes with a room name will make it a lot easier when it’s time to unpack everything. Placing all boxes in the destined room ensures organization this way you won’t have trouble finding certain items. Pack a separate box of moving day essentials including garbage bags, toilet paper, cleaning supplies, etc.

3. Get kitchen and bedrooms set up first

The easiest way to unpack and organize in your new home is to start out in the kitchen and bedrooms, as these parts of the home have the most use right away. The kids will want to start setting up their new bedrooms as soon as they can, so here’s a suggestion for keeping them occupied most of the day, if they are there on the move-in day that is. The rest of the rooms can slowly get unpacked as you get more comfortable in your new home and figure out where you want things.

4. Get utilities turned on, meters read and appliances hooked up

Arrange for all utilities (gas, water, and electricity) turned on and transferred over to your name. Notify the post office, doctor’s office or anywhere else that keeps a record of your address. Depending on your needs, book an internet provider for the move-in day so you have access to TV/internet right away, or if not urgent, wait a few days so there’s less chaos in the house.

5. Have children and pets elsewhere, if possible

Arrange for children and pets to go elsewhere for a day or two, if possible, allowing time to organize with less distraction. Sometimes pets could become traumatized by a move, it’s best to find a sitter for Spot.

6. Plan for the day’s meals

As mentioned above, setting up your kitchen first will come in handy when it’s time to eat. Another option is to get foods that don’t involve much kitchen ware, like sandwiches or veggies and dip, even ordering in from a nearby restaurant so there’s not much mess afterward.

With these 6 helpful moving day tips, we hope your move will be hassle-free and you get to take the time to enjoy your day and celebrate your new home!

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