Industry Leading Warranty to Fall Asleep With at Night

There’s a lot of competition in the home-building industry, which is why it’s important we do something to stand out. With an industry-leading warranty program, we not only deliver exactly the homes our customers expect – we stand by the quality of their craftsmanship and design for many years to come.

Read on for an overview of our 1-2-5-10 Warranty Program through National Home Warranty, which exceeds all national standards. We believe it’s the best way to say “thank you” to our customers for choosing us – giving them peace of mind and the reassurance that they’ve made the right choice for their families now and into the future.

1 Year Warranty on Materials, Labour and Design

For the first year after you move in, we’ll cover everything material and cosmetic that’s directly related to the enjoyment of your home. This includes small things like drywall nail pops, scuff marks in paint, any defects in materials or labor- and design-related issues.

We stand by the designs we create, the materials we source, and the contractors we choose to deliver outstanding quality, and so, we hold ourselves accountable to their output too.

While this warranty covers you for a whole year, you should let us know as soon as a possible warranty issue arises, so we can rectify it quickly. Sometimes, we will wait until the end of your first year to attend to a small issue (like drywall pops), to ensure the home has settled and you aren’t likely to experience more, but when it comes to filling us in, sooner is better.

If you have a warranty concern, please call our warranty representative at 204-224-6102 or email

In many cases, suppliers offer their own extended warranties – be sure to refer to your warranty manuals and contact the manufacturers directly for extended warranty service.

2 Year Warranty on Plumbing, Heating, and Electrical

Defects in plumbing, heating, and electrical distribution systems are typically left out of warranty standards in Manitoba, but we’ve decided not only to offer coverage on these vital elements of your home – we’ve extended their warranty to two years.

Contact us any time you are concerned about the performance of your plumbing, heating, or electrical components.

In the case of extreme emergencies or when you require an immediate response after-hours, contact the following suppliers directly. (Sometimes our suppliers are development area-specific, please check the sticker on your appliance to be sure of your supplier contact information).


Reliance Superior Heating (24-hour emergency line): 204-697-5666

After Hours Contacts:

Laurie 204-979-0666
Curtis 204-979-5957
Jill 204-979-5956

Furnasman/Mr. Furnace Heating & AC (24-hour emergency line): 204-832-6243

Pyramid Plumbing and Heating (24-hour emergency line): 204-694-5088


Derksen Plumbing 204-668-4450 | After Hours: 204-989-1777 | Pager Unit 0195

Star Plumbing 204-233-2451 | After Hours: 204-946-2740

Essential services

The following numbers are monitored 24/7 for electric or natural gas emergencies, or to report a power outage:

Manitoba Hydro/Centra Gas 204-480-5900 | Toll-free: 1-888-624-9376

5 Year Warranty on the Building Envelope

For five years after you move in, your warranty covers defects in the building envelope, which includes the roof, exterior walls, windows, and doors.

Some suppliers help us take things even further. Shingles are covered by a limited lifetime warranty that is pro-rated by our supplier, and Ply Gem Windows & Doors and Jeld-Wen have their own extended warranties on the windows and doors they manufacture.

10 Year Warranty on Home’s Structure

The health of your home depends on its structure the most. We promise you a home with good bones – therefore, the performance of your home’s structure is warrantied for 10 years after your possession. With a builder and a home you can count on, warranty worries won’t keep you up at night.

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