Comparing the Perks of Each Home Style

If you’re just beginning your home search, you may feel overwhelmed by the number of choices before you.

But did you know that you can narrow your search by community, home style, and square footage on our website?

With over 40 distinct home models, we feel pretty confident you’ll find one that answers your unique needs – but sometimes, it’s tough to know where to start.

One of the first decisions you may want to consider besides your budget is comparing home styles, and determining what suits your family or individual needs best for now and for the future. Read on for a bit about the advantages of every home style Kensington has to offer.

Two Storeys

Two-storey homes have the obvious benefit of plenty of space. Without cutting into the size of your yard, a two-storey home maximizes your home’s footprint, offering privacy and separation from your main living space, the kitchen, and bedrooms.

There’s plenty of room for bonus features like additional bathrooms, home offices, and storage. Families will love the separation between the active living zones and sleeping quarters.

With the additional space comes some additional upkeep, though, and running the house (including heating and cooling costs) will typically be a little more expensive than maintaining one floor.

Be sure that your family benefits from the additional space – hello, growing families! – and that the enjoyment of your multiple levels outweighs the upkeep.


Bungalows typically offer the functionality of a two-storey home all on one floor – meaning energy savings as well as less time spent on cleaning and maintenance. It’s easier to clean one floor’s interior, and you even benefit from the shorter elevation when maintaining exterior features like windows and eavestroughs.

If you’ll have small children or seniors in the house, bungalows can be more accommodating with fewer stairs to face, as well.

Close-knit families may actually like how the one level of living space brings them together more often – and if you have a busy lifestyle, you may want to avoid the multiple levels of upkeep.


Multi-levels typically offer all the perks of a second storey – like upstairs bedrooms, with the main living space open to the top floor. This limits the amount of upkeep of an additional floor while giving you an incredibly high ceiling on the main level to maximize the openness of your home. It’s little wonder our multi-level home models are among our top sellers.


Perhaps you hadn’t considered a duplex home in your house hunt, but there are plenty of good reasons to include them in your search.

There are many efficiencies, including cost savings, to benefit from by sharing a wall with another home – all while maintaining the benefits of your own separate living space and entrance.

Before you rule it out, consider this: Kensington has brand-new homes with all the modern layouts, building efficiencies, and finishes you’re looking for in a new home, for as much as $100,000 less than our typical single, detached homes.

This means you can get into a desirable new neighborhood like Bridgwater, benefitting from all of its surrounding amenities, for as little as $288,900.

Our modern duplex plans also offer plenty of space – often comparable to or larger than some of our single, detached homes. With two levels of living – plus the option to finish the basement in most duplexes, you benefit from abundant living space, while splitting some of the bigger costs of new homeownership like lot price with your neighbor.

For multi-generational living, families love the privacy that a separate living space offers – and the convenience of being near the ones you love.

Best of all? You can explore quick possession homes or the opportunity to build new in each of our home styles. No matter which home style you choose, you are covered by Kensington’s industry-leading warranty, providing you peace of mind with your new home purchase.

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