Grande Pointe Meadows Has It All: City Comforts and Space to Breathe

When choosing to make the move to the country, typically you have to trade in the urban comforts you’ve come to rely on in favor of room to breathe.

Moving to Grande Pointe Meadows means you don’t have to make any sacrifices. The neighborhood is master-planned with city amenities we rely on – like provincial water, a standard sewer system, and even high-speed Internet – while homes are set on large lots just south of the city.

“The average lot size in Grande Pointe Meadows is 82” x 170”. Lots are large to create a country feel, however, they’re small enough that they will be manicured,” says Norm Boyle, sales agent for Grande Pointe Meadows.

“We’re trying to replicate a city-style build as closely as possible, without the city discomforts.”

Serene Space

The first thing you’ll notice in Grande Pointe Meadows is a rural feeling – and you get it within minutes of leaving the city.

“From the actual edge of the subdivision to Sage Creek where the shopping is, it’s six minutes doing the speed limit,” says Boyle. “We’re minutes from the perimeter, which will (also) get you east of the city and north of the city in a matter of 15 minutes.”

The Space Between

Part of Grande Pointe Meadows’ luxurious sense of space is set through building regulations. Homes are a minimum of 42 feet wide – approximately 10 feet wider than the average city home – and set on spacious lots. There are 20 square feet between properties, giving plenty of breathing room between homes.

While the lots are oversize by city standards, they’re not so distant that you can’t walk over to your neighbors’. That’s where city-like infrastructure like activity trails and lighting come into play.

Brand-new Floorplans

Based on the unique dimensions of Grande Pointe Meadows’ standards, Kensington Homes will be debuting all-new floorplans in the area, including some new housing types.

Two-storey and bungalow options will be going into the area, leaving room for downsizers to escape the bustle of the city to a manageable country property.

Great Green Space

Of course, it’s not just building guidelines that lead to a luxurious sense of space. Grande Pointe Meadows’ homes overlook ponds, and prairie grasses grow just beyond the property line. With blind, rail, and chain-link fencing throughout the development, these views are celebrated, not obscured.

With the RM of Ritchot’s rapid growth, it already boasts recreational amenities like community centers, nearby parks, and a popular cycling trail: the Duff Roblin Parkway. You can follow it all the way to Birds Hill Park or Lockport, MB.

Affordable Homes

The brand-new homes on oversize lots in Grande Pointe Meadows are priced competitively to homes in any new city development, meaning homeowners can compare apples to apples when they choose between a country and a city lifestyle, without breaking the bank.

“We’re trying to make rural living affordable for the average family,” says Boyle.

Stay tuned for details on Kensington’s new show home opening in Fall 2021. For more information on Grande Pointe Meadows, visit neighborhood developer North Grasse Properties’ site.

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