Prevention is a Big Thing To Us, and To You

As part of our commitment to keeping you empowered and in the know during your build, we also provide reassurance that we don’t run away right when you take possession.

One of the clearest ways we show we’re still invested in your home and well-being is through our mechanical walkthrough, which takes places 1-3 months after you move into your new Kensington home.

This walkthrough is a guided demonstration of your home’s mechanical systems – the plumbing, heating, and electrical components that are warrantied for up to two years.

Because our warranties require that systems aren’t misused or mismanaged, our warranty department sends a Service Technician at this important milestone to educate homebuyers on their responsibilities; familiarize them with the home’s systems; and even leave behind helpful reminders for their use and care.
Depending on the new homeowners’ experience, they may not realize some of the underlying responsibilities, or how simply they can make a service call.

“Ninety-five percent of our job is just educating people, and trying to get them to understand everything about the house,” says Luke Friesen, Service Technician for Kensington Homes. “Prevention is definitely a big thing.”

So, Why the 1-3 Month Mark?

“When they first take possession, there are certain things that they can only get Kensington to do for them if they report it right away, so they have to be focused on these things: paint, finishes, products they’ve selected, etc.,” says Friesen.

“By the time we’re doing (the mechanical walkthrough), for the most part, people are feeling more confident with the time they’ve spent in the home.”

Another thing the walkthrough does is establish some familiarity with the warranty department. This personal connection reinforces “the idea that we’re on their side – we’re not at odds with each other,” says Friesen. “People generally have such a positive response to it.”


One of the first items on the agenda is to change the furnace filter – if the homeowner hasn’t already done so.

“I’m delighted when I find the homeowner has already cleaned their HRV – or anything… (but) usually I educate folks on changing (the filter) regularly every month for the first year, and getting a one-year inspection done on the furnace to make sure it’s good for the warranty and ready for winter.”


Here, we make sure you know how to flush a water heater, which helps maintain the warranty and gives it a better lifespan, and we also point out where the emergency shutoff is.

HRV system

One of the most important components of maintaining a healthy home is the HRV. Our Service Technician will provide you with a humidity sensor and instructions for keeping your home at healthy levels each season.

If we could impress one thing on new homeowners, it’s this: watch for fog on your windows in the winter. This means the air is too humid, and you can likely solve this and prevent future problems by adjusting the humidity levels through the HRV system.


As the tour goes on, our Service Technicians will not only cover how to clean and maintain all appliances, but they’ll also place physical reminders on them, so the information sticks with you long after the walkthrough.


Outside and inside, we’ll show you the vents and let you know the purpose each serves and the importance of keeping them clean and clear from ice.

Radon Testing

This is a safety step ¬– and Kensington introduces this testing component that allows you to ensure the air is clear from carcinogens.

There are even some helpful leave-behinds for your family’s safety, including a fire extinguisher and first aid kit.

“Not very many homes will have this, especially right when they move in,” says Friesen. “We do want to show that we care about you in this way.”

Once you buy a Kensington home, look forward to a Service Technician reaching out around the 1-3 month anniversary of your possession to schedule this walkthrough at your convenience.

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