Skip the Decisions and Enjoy Quick Possession of Your Dream Home

If you’ve found your way here, you’ve likely decided that buying a fixer-upper home – or a move-in-ready older home that could be full of surprises – is not the way to go for your family.

Often, brand-new homes save you time, work, and headaches just from being untouched by anyone but a professional builder.

But there’s one more decision remaining when you come shopping at one of our show homes: do you want to own the build, or do you want to buy move-in-ready?

Kensington currently has move-in-ready homes in each of the new communities we build in.

Here are a few reasons to consider investing in a quick-possession home.


Sometimes, when you’ve decided your home or living situation is no longer right for you, you want to move quickly. Whether you’re relocating, starting a new job in a different neighborhood, or you’re ready to start a family, there are plenty of life changes that spur a desire to move into a new home, and quickly.

Quick possession homes are either nearly complete or completely finished, meaning possession can sometimes be as fast as a couple of weeks after an offer. Take advantage of all the perks of a brand-new build without starting at the beginning of the build process, which usually takes at least nine months from start to finish.

Skip the Decisions

While some of our clients can’t wait to personalize their homes with the kitchen cabinetry, backsplash, paint colors, and light fixtures they covet – there are many decisions involved in a new build. Choosing a floorplan, lot, and neighborhood and personalizing the interior takes a bit of work, imagination, and sometimes, a bit of finger-crossing while waiting to see if it comes together the way you envisioned.

With a move-in-ready home, there is just one major decision to make: is this the home for you? Then all that’s left is to make an offer, move in, and enjoy.

What You See is What You Get

Sometimes, home shoppers naturally fall for the finishes they see in show homes. However, much of the time, builders feature upgraded interiors to showcase the finishes homeowners can add to the purchase of their homes.

When you buy move-in-ready, you’ll get all of the finishes included with the home – likely at a discount from the cost of each individual upgrade. Sometimes, the home may even have landscaping included if it was a show home – offering huge savings compared to doing it on your own.

Also, it goes without saying, but when it comes to the home’s position on the lot and the neighborhood it’s in – there’s no changing this. If you like the home’s location, the school district it’s in and you fall in love with the interior, there’s nothing left to do but make an offer and move in.

Quick Possession, Quick Satisfaction

Along with the ease of moving into a turn-key home, the satisfaction you get from moving into a home that was ready for you, minus any effort, will be extremely gratifying.

With a new build, you may have some emotional ups and downs while the home is a work in progress, or you may find it hard to sustain your excitement for the investment the whole way through.

With a move-in-ready home, you’ve done the work just by placing an offer. Now sit back, relax, and invite your friends over to ogle your new home’s taste-making finishes and energy-efficient design.

Best of all? Unlike most furniture and appliance stores, our display models and move-in-ready homes get the exact same warranty coverage as a new build. Enjoy industry-leading peace of mind with your purchase.

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