Tips for Setting up Your Perfect Home Office

During these unprecedented times, working from home seems to have become the new normal. Your home office environment is important for work productivity. Here are some helpful tips that we think would help utilize your space and create the most practical home office.


While you’ll spend many hours working in your home office, make sure you have a comfortable space with minimal distractions. A room with a TV may be distracting, especially when your favorite show is on repeat throughout the day. Choosing a setting without any background noise would be the best, however, sometimes a little music can boost creativity and help you concentrate more on your task.

Position your desk by a window rather than a blank wall so it doesn’t feel like you’re working in a cubicle. It is also beneficial to have as much natural light as possible in your working area. Who wouldn’t want to be gazing out the window while answering emails?

Inspire yourself

Set up some personal items on your desk that inspire you. Whether it be a family photo with your kids or a picture of your favorite place you’ve traveled – the meaning within the photo can help motivate you to keep reaching your goals and work towards better things.


Consider investing in a comfortable and ergonomic chair. There is nothing worse than sitting for 8 hours on a hard chair, especially when there are other options just down the hall – the couch. Avoid sitting on your couch with your laptop, even during your breaks. Most times you’ll get comfy while a show is playing on TV – it’ll be hard to separate away from the TV and go back to work.

Design your workspace as you would another room in your home. Lay out your office to match the overall aesthetic of your home, so it feels more home-like and inviting. Creating a room that you dread going into will only make it harder to focus on work. Hang different pieces of decorative artwork and add pops of colour such as a funky lampshade or a plant.


Prepare an organized area with a printer, as well as trays or holders to place papers and any other office supplies. Consider your workflow and what is functional for you. Hang floating shelves on the wall for extra storage space. Not only does it add to the décor of the room, but helps to eliminate space off your desk so you’re better organized. Tucking away any loose computer cables also helps to maintain a tidy space.

While you work from home, stay safe and continue to practice social distancing so you can soon go back to the office with all of your coworkers.

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