We’ve compiled some helpful home maintenance tips to ensure the best care for your new or existing home.

Helpful hint! Check your manufacturers warranty manuals for all major appliances (ie: furnace, HRV, HWT, A/C) for proper care and maintenance instructions.

Basement and Foundation

Movement of the basement floor slab is not unusual and is a fact of life in owning a home in Winnipeg. Usually the upwards movement or heaving of the basement floor slab and interior foundation stabilizes within the first three years of the home’s life. During this period you should adjust the interior telepost supports to minimize the effect of the movement on the floors above. (see Teleposts Adjustments)

All downspouts should have run away leads (extensions) that discharge roof drainage away from the basement wall. Since the above systems add moisture to the clay soils, basement floor slab heaving and adverse foundation movement can result if they malfunction.

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