We’ve compiled some helpful home maintenance tips to ensure the best care for your new or existing home.

Helpful hint! Check your manufacturers warranty manuals for all major appliances (ie: furnace, HRV, HWT, A/C) for proper care and maintenance instructions.

As part of regular maintenance adjust bottom door sweep on exterior doors. Ensure that weather stripping is properly fitted. Avoid slamming of doors as this can cause damage to both the door and the jamb of the door. Do not use a hair dryer to de-ice dead bolts – the heat causes more ice as it freezes.

Interior doors that are tight-fitting or warped are usually the result of high humidity. Before deciding whether doors require adjustments, wait until the level of humidity returns to normal. The return of drier air may solve the problem. If the door is warped it should not exceed 3/8-inch, provided proper humidity levels are maintained in the home.

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